All choirs have the same fees.

$560 – fees for full year (no fundraising commitment)


$135 – fees for full year + 3 mandatory bingo/casino shifts

(with a requirement of 3 bingo deposit cheques, made payable to Edmonton Columbian Choirs, to be submitted at time of registration – $100 for shift 1 / $150 for shift 2 / $175 for shift 3)

– deposit cheques should be post-dated to September 1, 2024.

– cheques will be destroyed as you complete your bingos.

– cheques will be applied against the balance owing on your fees if you don’t work your scheduled bingo shifts and fail to arrange for replacements.

– in lieu of submitting cheques, you may provide your credit card info.

You will earn a $50 volunteer voucher for every bingo/casino shift you work above your mandatory commitment.

These vouchers can be applied to choir fees, workshops, and for the purchase of all ECC concert tickets including Night on Broadway.